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Seeing the bigger picture

We’ll use our vast experience and technological know-how to capture your vision and make your event a reality.

Just like you we want your event to be the best it can be. The combination of our expertise and the latest video technology enable us to deliver the highest quality video solutions from small screen to large scale projection.

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SFL's Video Services

  • Projection Solutions

    Projection is at the heart of SFL’s video solutions. We have a vast array of projectors in our hire fleet from 2000 lumens to 32,000 lumens from some of the world’s leading projector manufacturers.

    We will provide you with the right projector for the right solutions to ensure you have screens that impress.

  • LED Screens

    Indoor or Outdoor? – 2.6mm, 3.9mm or 6mm pitch – Flown or Ground supported.

    We are able to design and provide the correct screen to help you communicate your message and visuals to your audience.

    SFL are proud to work with the BBC providing visual solutions including LED for the annual Proms Season “The worlds greatest classical music festival”

  • Projection Mapping

    Projection mapping is the art of projecting content onto any surface; the possibilities are endless. With SFL’s experience and in house media server and image processing solutions we can provide a solution to captivate an audience.

    Whether you want to project onto a car or an 80m wide mansion from all kinds of obscure angles, SFL will work with you to design the best possible solution to meet your needs and come in on budget.

  • Image Processing

    Quality image processing has to be at the centre of all video solutions and SFL are experts at pulling together the most efficient processing solutions. One of our key focuses is to ensure that image processing does not cause unnecessary delay on screen which distracts the audience. Our design process ensures that we think about this when putting a system together.

    We carry some of the world’s most advanced image processing equipment and our in-house staff are manufacturer certified to configure and operate it.

  • Camera Systems

    SFL can provide a complete camera solution for live to screen footage or for recording & post production edit. As a standard we use Sony broadcast spec cameras and Canon lenses. We also provide various specials which may consist of elements such as Jib, Steady Cam, Track & Dolly. Our high definition solutions utilise Sony HDC-2500 Cameras which are full HD. We have various HD-SDI portable production unit solutions which can take from 4 to 12 x SD/HD-SDI inputs along with a number of computer inputs or playback sources.

  • Live Cinema Solutions

    The experience of watching a film with an 80 piece orchestra and a 30 piece choir performing live in front of you is such an incredible way to experience it! SFL have worked tirelessly with various movie houses to come up with most efficient and reliable technology solution to tie everything together.

    SFL’s live film playback solutions have been tried and tested all over the world, from London to Edinburgh, Moscow, Krakow, Barcelona & Rome. SFL have the technical experience and know-how to ensure this incredible film experience goes without a hitch.