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Over the past 30 years SFL has provided professional live event production, creating the perfect environment for clients to communicate whatever their preferred method would be. Our team of experienced industry professionals work to design the right streaming solutions to meet our client’s needs and budgets. Whether it’s a webcast, webinar, virtual product launch or hybrid event, SFL have the technology and expertise to deliver your event locally as well as globally.

Our team are happy to share our knowledge and provide support, advice and guidance to anyone looking to move an event to an online platform. Our large inventory of production equipment as well as our outstanding team allow us to provide world class event support irrespective of scale.

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  • Hybrid Events

    The aim of a Hybrid event is to give as many delegates a chance of attending a physical event as possible by delivering some of the content virtually. This involves the integration of one (or more) of the other online event types with a traditional live event. This allows clients to significantly extend the reach of an event worldwide. Whilst it’s a great way to expand your audience it also allows for greater collaboration with others globally, for example a panel session can now include contributors from remote locations anywhere on the Globe.  A keynote speaker can present without physically having to be at the venue. A hybrid event can allow for an event to have more personality and be grounded in a physical location.  SFL’s full production model of delivering quality Audio, Video, Lighting and Scenic from one supplier makes us the perfect partner for your Hybrid events.

  • Webinar

    A Webinar involves a host presenting to a large audience over the internet. Often a webinar will include one or multiple presenters, content from slides and videos as well as a way for the audience to participate in a Q&A, live polls and discussions. SFL’s team have the expertise to help clients choose the best platform to meet their webinar needs.

  • Virtual Event Production

    Typically, the aim of a virtual event is to bridge the gap between the physical in person event interaction and a virtual world, this means that there needs to be a more extensive interactive virtual experience. It may include multiple sessions, breakouts, networking opportunities, virtual exhibition spaces and similar to when attending an event enables attendees to pick and choose what content is relevant to them. Is it not only the more traditional conference style events that are moving to the virtual space, but also events such as University Open Days and even art gallery and museum tours.  SFL have several platforms which can deliver a rich virtual event environment to suit a clients budget. Using SFL’s premier experience of delivering live physical events we are able to deliver meaningful content and productions.

  • Video Conferencing

    Video conferencing is designed for small groups to hold real time two-way interaction.  Generally, this is for team meetings, collaboration or brainstorming etc. There are many software solutions for this with some of the most common including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts. In the modern world these tools have been put to use everywhere giving it a life outside of the traditional office setting.  Zoom has entered the common lexicon, and it is commonplace for families to attend quiz nights and even weddings via video conferencing platforms. This new trend places a strain when a company relies on these tools to communicate important messages, SFL can help breathe new life into this medium to help clients message be heard.

  • Webcast production

    A webcast is simply an online broadcast which can either be livestreamed or played back on demand. This might be a livestream of a corporate announcement, speech, sporting event or music performance. The key difference is that the audience do not interact in real time. Most recently we have seen the rise in musical productions from Andrew Lloyd Webber and concerts such as the MeerKat Music Live broadcast on YouTube. Getting a message communicated via this medium requires high production values to produce a professional sleek TV quality broadcast that people enjoy viewing. SFL’s 30 years of experience in live event production enables us to deliver quality programming to meet clients budgets. Recent
    examples have been the Tik-Tok summer party and Zero Stop, from the London Coliseum.

  • Virtual Demo

    Using SFL’s studio facility or another location clients can demonstrate new products and services to customers in the virtual environment. Whether it is a Formula 1 car launch or a product demonstration producing a rich and engaging broadcast with high production values can represent your brand to a wide audience. SFL’s studio facility offers a highly versatile 3000sq feet production space to create incredible content, and with our 1GB fibre internet connection events can be livestreamed with ease. Our onside scenic carpenters can create incredible TV style sets complete with automation to amaze and engage audiences