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Transcend traditional ideas

We are an engineering company with a deep rooted creative spark and a firm grip on reality. This allows us to create imaginative and creative solutions for any problem, simple or complex. 

We are grounded in the real world and our experienced creative team pride themselves in producing innovative, fresh, creative solutions that can be made into reality.

We have the skills in-house to solve the most extreme creative and logistical challenges, whether that’s getting a car into a hotel bedroom or creating a garden in a train station. 

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Real problems solved

  • 3D Visualisation and CAD

    We are able to show you our solution in a virtual environment working with you to hone ideas and concepts into a finished design.

    This is achieved using WYSIWYG state of the art modelling software. From these designs we create detailed technical drawings to millimetre precision to enable our in-house team to deliver the dream into reality.

  • In-house Carpentry & Spray booth

    Our workshops turn wood, metal, plastic and fabrics into works of art.

    We use our knowledge and skills to create engineered solutions in attractive packages to wow and communicate.

  • Budget Considerations

    We will deliver solutions on time and on budget. Working with our clients to match materials, finish and aspirations with realistic budgets and sticking to them.

  • Set Design

    We know that there is more to a conference than great audio, stunning video or amazing lighting. A conference also needs a set which can create a tone and make a branding statement.

    We work with our clients to ensure their brand and message are clearly communicated to your audience through Audio, Video and the presentation set.

  • Creative Lighting design

    Bring a venue or set to life with a creative lighting treatment, using state of the art technology to transform spaces and make an impact.

  • Theming and Decorations

    Our creative team have bags of ideas to impress and help transform your event through theming and decoration. Whether you want to create a special party or theme your entire conference we have the contacts and concepts to deliver.

  • Layout plans and Management

    We believe in clear communication and detailed planning. Our team of experienced event professionals create precise CAD plans, briefings and delivery documents to ensure that we deliver the event you are expecting with no surprises.