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Roland V-1200HD Product Focus

The new Roland V-1200HD has proven to be a great success on its first outing at SFL for a major corporate client. SFL’s investment in the new switcher helped us streamline the set-up of this regular event due to its flexible capabilities, processing power and compact physical size.

The V-1200HD controls and manages all video elements of the event, switching four cameras and two graphics machines to screen, whilst also producing a mix for record and live-stream with subtitles and supers added in. Additional aux busses meant that we could have individual control over each screen in the venue, enabling us to switch different sources to each screen for iMag, whilst giving the live-stream and recording a view of the room to maintain context.

The V-1200HD also accept AES audio inputs, enabling us to keep the audio signal digital all the way through the system and easily embedding audio content onto the SDI feeds for recording and live-stream.

Overall this compact solution proved a great success, facilitating a neat and tidy control area, reducing cabling, and making for a quicker and easier load-in/out. The result was both a happy client and happy team.

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By Craig, in Video