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Juice Master

SFL’s complete technical production service helps Juice Master take juice based health to the masses.

Jason Vale, aka the ‘Juice Master’, is on a one man mission to “Juice The World!”

Jason has turned his life around through the health benefits of juice, shedding weight and managing a variety of medical conditions by seeking a more natural life through juicing. He’s been touring the world telling people about juice, publishing recipe books and apps on juicing, and helping others benefit from the lessons he has learnt.

SFL supported a one-day juice health conference attended by over 1000 delegates, providing comprehensive technical production services. SFL’s contributions included a full package of audio, video, lighting, staging, rigging and set, resulting in the highest calibre of technical production.

WYSIWYG – From Concept to Reality

As part of SFL’s expanding creative design services the full set, video and lighting solution was conceptualised using computer modelling software, helping the client to realise the full potential of what they could achieve.

After sign-off SFL’s designers worked with our in-house carpentry department to turn concept accurately in reality, demonstrating SFL’s unique capacity to offer complete one-stop-shop, in-house production solutions including custom built set and staging.

SFL Catch Juicing Bug

Jason’s charismatic presentation was so convincing several members of SFL’s team have been giving it a go. Sam Jacobs, SFL Production Engineer, comments: “I just couldn’t come away from an event like that and resist the urge to get juicing myself, so I went straight out and purchased a new juicer. I’m not the only one – Craig Lawrence, our Video & Projects Director, even bought a second juicer to supplement the one he already owned!”

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