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Blues Brothers Xmas Special

SFL provided a one stop shop for this solution, providing a sound designer; designing the system and the sound; all sound, comms and video hires; set construction in their onsite scenic construction workshop; as well as get in and get out crew. Offering all these services under one roof has proved invaluable to clients as it is simply one point of contact between the Theatre company and SFL, to supply a whole host of services.

SFL supplied the following solutions;

  • A full Meyer PA for a 7 piece rock band with 10 vocalists consisting of 9 ways of radio mic.
  • Stage monitoring including 2 ways of in ear monitors.
  • Qlab system firing show sound effects.
  • Live video link and reference monitor for the Musical Director on stage.
  • Comms system.
  • Set construction package including light boxes and full scenic masking flats.

The arts is a venue with little to no sound re enforcement already installed so SFL had to supply a complete system including speakers, multicores, microphone packages and FOH desk all on a tight budget. Scenic construction is a relatively new venture for SFL but they were able to make full use of the facilities and skills at their disposal on this production. The Blues Brothers has been their flagship into creating an affordable package for the Theatre industry, budgets are often the bane of any producers life and they aim to make the process of creating a professional production as simple as possible by creating a single point of contact for as much of the production as possible.

SFL were able to supplement budgets in different departments with funds that were initially ear marked for other areas of the production if they were all going to separate suppliers and builders. At SFL, we have a very highly trained in house staff of carpenters, managers and engineers and are able to save money by not having to reach out to freelancers in order to achieve the scale of production that was required. Having a handle on multiple departments in the end makes it much easier to upgrade the quality of equipment we are able to use on such productions, a quality of equipment that simply wouldn’t be cost effective enough if it weren’t for the fact that it all comes in one package from one supplier.

Photo’s by¬†Piers Foley Photography

We will always deal with our clients with the utmost respect and ensure that we understand their values so that what is important to them is important to us. We will always strive for what is best for our clients and go the extra mile.