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Genesis Visible Touch (GVT)

had just managed to complete the first of two planned 2020 tours.

After 26 sold out shows during Jan-March 2020, Covid shut them down along with the whole live music scene in the UK and Europe.

A breath of fresh air came back in July when SFL supplied the GVT band and production team with the resources to put on a live stream show from SFL’s Studio14 venue in Woodley, Reading.  GVT decided to use to opportunity to test the format by featuring Martin Gordon’s (GVT Bass, Guitar and Backing Vocals) own solo material (Green Light) with the rest of the band learning the set for this one show!

Martin’s music is quite a departure from the progressive rock and pop of the Genesis catalogue with many varied blues and Hendrix influences.

SFL have a superb setup with stage, sound, lighting and camera production all ready to go in a very save Covid secure venue with green room, toilets and kitchens unused by others and dedicated to the Studio14 space. All we had to do was walk in, plug in and play!

Tickets were sold on Eventbrite with the subscribers receiving a unique web link to watch the show on Youtube. Production Managers Mark Payne (GVT) and Geroge Veys (SFL) ensured a seamless true live experience, streaming the show as it happened.