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d&b SL-GSub

The SL-SUB and SL-GSUB are cardioid subwoofers to compliment the GSL and KSL Systems. The SL-SUB rigging hardware allows columns of up to 14 cabinets to be flown while the SL-GSUB is intended for ground stacked applications only. Both subwoofers are actively driven 2-way bass-reflex designs housing three long excursion 21″ neodymium drivers. Two drivers face to the front while one radiates to the rear. The front and rear facing drivers operate in independent bass reflex chambers and are driven from separate amplifier channels. The cardioid dispersion pattern reduces unwanted energy behind the system, resulting in less excitation of the reverberant field to deliver highly accurate low frequency reproduction. The frequency response extends from 33 – 84 Hz / 30 – 65 Hz. The SL-SUB cabinet incorporates front and rear rigging strands while the SL-GSUB has no rigging components and is intended for ground stack purposes.

Technical details
Frequency Response (-5 db standard) 33Hz-84Hz
Max. Sound Pressure (1m, free field) 144db
Components 3 x 21" driver
Dimensions 585 x 1300 x 975mm
Weight 132 kg

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